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Bill payment via ATM

The MTN ATM/SMS Top-Up and bill payment service provides endless and suitable convenient ways to pay your monthly bills or top-up your prepaid accounts via ATMs that are connected to Electronic Banking System (EBS) networks through out the country.
There is no need to wait in line anymore, pay your bills through ATM's of EBS Member Banks in a convenient and effective manner. It is simple, easy to use and available 24 hours all week long.

To pay your monthly bill
By using this service you can pay the full amount of your monthly bill or part of it and you will get a Paid Amount and Last Bill Date.

The following conditions are to be considered
•    -Only 2 attempts are allowed per bill cycle.
•    -50% of your monthly invoice is the minimum amount allowed per attempt.

Top-up your Prepaid account
Choose between the airtime values available ( 5,10, 20, 30 and 50 SDG), or enter any amount ranging from 1 SDG to 100 SDG (increment of one), and within seconds, you'll be on your way to start calling with MTN airtime.