Dangers Posed by the Use of Lightweight Plastic Materials workshop


MTN-Sudan Sponsors a Workshop Enitled "Dangers Posed by the Use of Lightweight Plastic Materials"


MTN-Sudan, with the collaboration of the Higher Council for the Environment & the Development of Rural and Urban Areas and Ma'arij Foundation for Peace & Development has organized a workshop about the risks of using lightweight plastic bags addressing their problems and solutions. HE the Minister  of Environment & Natural Recourses, DR. Hasan 'Abd al-Qadir Hilal graced the event with his presence accompanied by the Chairman of the Higher Council for the Environment.


The Workshop discussed a number of environmental issues and the consequences of the use of plastic materials. Four scientific papers prepared by experts and specialists in areas of the environment were presented focusing on how to deal with lightweight plastic bags as being one of the biggest environmental threats and how to eliminate their grave negative impacts.


At the end of the Workshop, recommendations were presented to attendees, and all partners and the friends of the environment have been given the opportunity for deliberative discussion. At the sideline of the Workshop, eco-friendly substitutes for plastic were discussed such as and palm leaf baskets and cardboard boxes to preserve human and animal health.



Mr. Malik Melamo, CEO, MTN-Sudan expressed his grateful thanks and deep appreciation to the Higher Council for the Environment and Ma'arij Foundation for Peace & Development for providing MTN-Sudan the opportunity to sponsor this great event and pledged to make all-out efforts to phase-out the use of lightweight plastic to protect the public health and the environment.


It should be recalled that MTN-Sudan has participated in many environmental events and made many initiatives in this area, a case in point is the Green Office Initiative which became a dominant culture in MTN Group. In the same context the Company has been keen to install environmentally- friendly telecom towers, and it usually follows the proper ways to dispose e-waste   in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations.