Face book Zero

MTN prepaid subscribers can now exclusively access Facebook for free via their mobile phones.

Keep your friends and family updated with your latest news and stay connected with MTN.

Facebook Zero from MTN is a light-weight, text-based version of the standard Facebook Mobile site that can be accessed for free using mobile phones with activated internet for mobile browsing.

Send a message with “ALL” or “WAP“ to 202.

Make sure the APN (Access Point Name) on your mobile device is WAP

Access facebook zero by typing in one of the following URLs:

  • –  *0.facebook.com
  • –  zero.facebook.com

If the subscriber chooses to view a photo or heavier material, all they have to do is click on the link that shows and they will be prompted that they are leaving 0.facebook.com.

Standard data charges will apply when a person leaves 0.facebook.com to view heavy material.

This service is not free of charge for outbound roamers and the subscriber is charged according to the tariff rates of that particular country