What is 3G?
3G stands for third generation mobile technology. It supports high speed data internet and applications such as video calling, music download, and movie download etc.

Which services are offered with MTN`s 3G services?
With 3G services one can enjoy high speed internet services, Streaming videos, download music and movies, play high speed games and many more such services. Services like Mobile TV, International VoIP Calling, and Video Surveillance & Video calling shall be offered shortly.

Will 3G Network be available across Greater Khartoum?
Presently 3G MTN broadband network is available in Khartoum, Bahri and
The network is being upgraded every day by addition of new towers and will cover entire Sudan circle in a phased manner.

What are the prerequisites for experiencing 3G?
3G can be experienced with the same MTN SIM card and 3G compatible handset in 3G covered areas.

Does MTN offer 3G handsets along with this 3G activation?
Presently MTN is offering bundled 3G handsets which you can get from any Customer Service Point. However any compatible 3G (WCDMA, HSDPA) handset can be used with the current MTN SIM cards (that already is the customer using).
Please visit any MTN Customer Service Point for SIM SWAP if your current SIM does not support 3G.

What kind of speed should I expect from 3G & 3.5G?
You will experience broadband speeds up to 1 Mbps. Using HSDPA services you can experience speed up to 2.6 Mbps.

On what factors do 3G speed depends?
3G Speed depends on handset used, application, coverage, network traffic and number of users currently using that point of time.

Is it possible that I get 3G services on my existing number?
Yes, you can get 3G on existing MTN`s GSM number. MTN already activated 3G service on some of the prepaid lines. The customer care agent to check if the customer’s number is included in the 3G activation list, as for all postpaid subs it’s already activated by default.

Will I have to change my SIM to migrate to 3G?
No, you can access 3G services from your existing SIM.

If I am a subscriber with SIM that does not support 3G then where can I buy 3G connection?
You can buy MTN's 3G connection (USIM) from customer service center, distributor and retail outlet. SIM Swap fees are 2 SDG for normal sim cards, 10SDG for micro and nano sim cards, and 20SDG for trio sim card.

What will happen if I am out of 3G coverage area?
You will continue to access 2G/2.5G services in areas where 3G coverage is absent. Please ensure that your network setting is on dual mode.

Do I need to do any settings on my mobile handset for 3G?
Yes. You will have to select 3G/UMTS Dual mode in your handset for network selection. You will also require GPRS settings if you are not using GPRS.

What advantage will I have in 3G over 2G?
You will experience high speed Internet and data services on the move in 3G, make video calls and host of other multimedia services which are not available in 2G. (Please note that video calls will need special authorization as to be activated as per NTC regulation, this form will be found at our CSPs)

Can I download and upload videos on my mobile?
Yes, with 3G you can watch streaming videos and download videos on your mobile handset. You can also send user generated content i.e. record video from your mobile and share them with your friends or upload on internet sites from your mobile.

What is the tariff structure for 3G Mobile prepaid/postpaid connection?





Price (SDG)

Mobile Internet

 Prepaid & Postpaid










Golden Daily



Platinum Daily   



Golden Monthly



Platinum  Monthly  



Push Button (1 hour) 











  Prepaid & Postpaid




Golden  Monthly



Platinum  Monthly    




Platinum+  Monthly 



Platinum++  Monthly    



Prepaid & Postpaid    

Push Button (1 hour)    




How will I get 3G access if I am outside MTN network?
You can access 3G services through 3G Network while roaming outside of Sudan in countries where MTN have roaming agreement (please contact corporate service as to provide you with the updated list).

What should I do to get the internet settings in my device?
•    Step 1 – Send SMS
Send an empty SMS or with the one of English letters WAP, internet, MMS or All to number 202
the letters WAP, internet, MMS or All can be in capital or small letters.

•    Step 2 – Save Handset setting
You will receive the internet, MMS and WAP handset settings per SMS to your phone depend on the keyword you’ve entered before. Accept and save to install the settings in the phone by typing in the security code 0000.

•    Step 3 – Use & Enjoy
Go to your internet browser or MMS messages in the phone. Enjoy using the internet or sending the MMS messages.
Customers who are highly technically educated might request the input for the manual configuration of the settings