IP-PBX (Internet Protocol - Private Branch Exchange)

Here are a few main features of simple IP-PBX that will enable your business to offer excellent customer service and compete at the global level:

Main Features:

  Auto Attendant (Digital Reception):

Allows incoming calls to be handled in a professional manner in any language, and includes a company greeting that can be customised, uploaded and recorded.

  Call Queue:

Incoming callers can be held in a queue while they listen to a customisable recorded message. The caller can be sent to voicemail or redirected to another extension if no one answers.

  Interactive Voice Response (IVR):

Incoming callers can be given options to select their desired department in a timely manner, thus increasing customer satisfaction.

  Fax to E-mail Integration:

Incoming faxes on the SIP truck can be routed to e-mail in PDF format, enabling cost savings by reducing the use of fax machines and paper.

  Communication Report (CDR):

Allows the organisation to manage call records with the option to export files to external applications such as Excel.

  Three-Way Communication/Conference Facility:

Allows the caller and two other parties to speak with each other during one call.

Supports both analogue and IP phones to ensure you maximise return on investment

  Standard Features Music On Hold:

Background music is played on hold.

  Ring Group:

The phone rings to a group of extensions until someone answers.

  Call Pickup:

Pickup groups may be defined within a group of extensions. Any phone in the office can be used to answer a call that is ringing on another extension within the pickup group.

  Call Paging:

User dials in to overhead or external speakers to make voice announcements. This system can be set up with speakerphones or specific groups of speakerphones.

  Do Not Disturb:

All incoming calls routed directly to voicemail; the designated phone will not ring.

  Call Waiting:

Signals the recipient that there is an incoming call on an engaged line and allows recipient to hold, in order to answer the second call.

  Call Transfer:

Enables a user to forward an incoming call to another telephone or extension.


MTN has introduced special packages for the simple IP-PBX specially designed for the Corporate Customers.

We offer 3 main packages to choose from silver, gold, and prestige.

Silver Gold Prestige
4 extensions inc. IP phones Up to 10 extensions with Up to 50 extensions with
5 simultaneous calls analogue and IP phones analogue and IP phones
Free Tech Support Up to 10 simultaneous calls Up to 20 simultaneous calls
Free 24/7 Helpdesk Free Tech Support Free Tech Support
Free Consultancy Free 24/7 Helpdesk Free 24/7 Helpdesk
Free Installation Free Consultancy Free Consultancy


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