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Local Recharge

Local Recharge is a service that allows prepaid subscribers to top-up their account during their stay in Syria, Yemen, Iran, Cyprus or Afghanistan, using any local MTN voucher in these countries and receive the equivalent credit amount in SDG.
The service also allows foreign prepaid subscribers from MTN AFG, IRAN, Yemen, Cyprus & SYRIA to recharge their prepaid accounts while they are away from their home networks and are in Sudan.
To activate your SIM for the Local Recharge Service, you will only need an active and valid MTN prepaid Sim card.
Simply, switch on your phone when you get to your destination country then select the network of MTN Afghanistan, Iran, Yemen, Cyprus or Syria depending on your destination country.
Monthly subscribers can also benefit from this service and settle their monthly bill through local recharge cards during their trips through the same method mentioned above
There is no subscription/access charge for this service.
You will be able to recharge your account with normal physical and MTN Electronic Recharge Cards using the USSD mode of recharging

*222*voucher card secret number# (send).