MTN Port-in service

Now with MTN's port-in service, MTN Sudan welcomes you to join MTN's family with your existing number from any other network.

Guidelines for Mobile Number Portability Service

 Basic conditions for mobile number portability service:

The mobile number should be registered with the same name of the requester in his/her current network, and if the requester is an agent for a corporate with multiple accounts he\she should bring a delegation letter from the company.

  • - The lifetime of the number inside the current network should be at least three months.
  • - The number should not be suspended or not operational for more than six months in its current network.
  • - The type of the number should not be fax or data in its current network.
  • - For port-in application or for service cancellation; a form should be filled and a valid identity card should be brought (Passport, Driving License or National ID.
  • - After the port-in application is accepted, the port-in process will take place between 3 am - 6 am.
  • - The port-in application could be cancelled in the same day of the port-in execution by 3pm maximum.
  • - If the port-in application is rejected, the requester can apply again after paying the fees.

For postpaid users:

  •  - The port-in fees for postpaid numbers is 30 SDG , the fees are non-refundable even if the request is rejected.
  • - For the postpaid numbers; the amount of the unpaid bill should not exceed 250 SDG in their current network at the time of application.
  • - If the postpaid subscriber has unpaid bill in his old network, the old network operator will inform MTN and then MTN will inform the subscriber within a period of 10 days and If the subscriber didn’t pay the amount ,MTN will suspend the service from the number.
  • - In case the postpaid number is suspended because of an unpaid bill, the number will be with MTN for a period of 3 months then it will be returned to the original mobile operator after this period. If the subscriber wants his/her number back, he/she should pay the bill and fees for each operator.
  • - All the postpaid port-in conditions are applied to the corporate accounts except for the fees in which 30 SDG should be paid for each number inside the corporate account. 

For Prepaid users:

  • - The port-in fees for prepaid numbers is 10 SDG, the fees are non-refundable even if the request is rejected.
  • - All prepaid users must make sure their credit balance is zero and all subscribed services are expired at the initial network before porting into MTN.