MTN shaharak Saeed

Activate Shahrak Saeed offer for 38 SDG only and enjoy free calls to MTN network, free internet and discounts on calls to other networks .

Targeted Customers Subscription Code Subscription fees (SDG) Free Minutes to MTN network   Internet  
Minutes to Other Networks International calls




Daily 50 minutes 

Daily 50 MB

 10piasters per minute

60 piaster per minute for Egypt, China and Saudi Arabia




1500 minutes 

50 MB

10 piasters per minute

60 piasters per minute for Egypt, China and Saudi Arabia

  • You can use your free minutes through out the whole day.
  • Consumption of free minutes is per second.
  • Subscription fee is 52 SDG including VAT.
  • The discounted minutes to other networks are 40.
  • Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Above Prices are VATExclusive