MTN-Sudan Launches Mobile Cash Service

MTN-Sudan Launches the Pilot Phase for Testing "Mobile Cash" Service                  

On Thursday, 2 December, 2016, HE Dr. Tahani Abdallah the Minister of Communication & Information Technology honored with her presence the pilot phase for testing "Mobile Cash" service. The event was witnessed by HE the Ambassador of the South African Embassy in Khartoum, Mr. Malik Melamo MD, MTN-Sudan, Eng. Abdalla Alfadil, General Manager, Corporate Services, Mr. Shihab Aldin Ibrahim Salih, Manager, Mobile Cash Division, as well as partners from EBS in addition to a number of MTN mangers and staff.

The event was held at al-Hosh Restaurant in al-Manshiya where MTN-Sudan staff launched the internal pilot of "Mobile Cash" service through which they can make their various sale and purchase transactions inside the restaurant using just their mobile phones. Dr. Tahani was the first who piloted this service by purchasing a breakfast meal from the restaurant through her mobile. The transaction was successfully completed signifying the beginning of the launch of "Mobile Cash Service."

Minister of Communication & Information Technology, Dr. Tahani Abdallah,   highly praised MTN-Sudan for launching this internal pilot of "Mobile Cash". "Our intention behind the launch of this internal pilot is to ascertain the extent to which this service is successful and to give assurances to citizens that it is working perfectly and the system is well-functioning. Thanks God, the pilot phase has yielded good results and the outcome is very positive," said Dr. Tahani, who paid a special tribute to MTN-Sudan and EBS staff, and also to Central Bank of Sudan, and the Ministry of Communication & Information Technology for their outstanding efforts and meaningful participation which led to this successful conclusion, adding that "Mobile Cash" service will soon be available to all citizens throughout Sudan.                                                                                                               

"I would like at the outset, Dr. Tahani, to express to you, on my own behalf and on behalf of all MTN-Sudan staff, our sincere thanks and appreciation for your kind response and participation in this fabulous event and for being the first to conduct this pilot test which resulted in utter success. By all standards, it was a wonderful, historic and extraordinary achievement. It is my pleasure also to extend my thanks to HE the Ambassador of the South African Embassy in Khartoum and all those who cooperated closely with us to launch this pilot phase for testing "Mobile Cash" service," said Mr. Malik Melamo MD, MTN-Sudan, "The chances for the success of this project in Sudan are very high for the availability of a strong infrastructure of communication, beside that, Sudan is a promising healthy market for such mega-project which represents the top notch payment and financial transactions system across the globe," he added,  saying that MTN-Sudan is striving to deliver the highest quality of services and best solutions to its customers based on its vision and core commitment to lead the delivery of a new bold digital world to make their lives a whole lot brighter. Mr. Melamo extended very special thanks to the Central Bank of Sudan and EBS company for the substantial support they provided to develop this service.

Mr. Shihab Aldin Ibrahim Salih, Manager, Mobile Cash Division in MTN-Sudan expressed his pleasure at the success of launching the pilot phase of "Mobile Cash" service which represents the beginning of the transition towards the new bold digital world. Mr. Shihab also talked about the features of this service which combines communications technology and banking services that offer a high degree of safety and characterized by user-friendly procedures and free of complications, furthermore it adds value to the national economy, he said.