Under the Theme "For Every Child, Hope"          

MTN-Sudan Joins UNICEF in the Commemoration of its 70th Anniversary

These days, the celebrations of the seventies anniversary of the United Nations Children's Fund "UNICEF", the World's most famous organization, continue in Sudan. To commemorate this occasion, the Organization has organized an awareness program in Khartoum Green Yard on Thursday and Friday (15-16 December, 2016). The program included performances and companion exhibits reflecting the significant role played by the Organization to advance the situation of children in the areas of education and health. MTN-Sudan took part in this solemn occasion and its participation comes within the framework of its strategic vision in supporting education in general and children education in particular. It is worth mentioning that the launch of the UNICEF 70th anniversary celebration represents a landmark in the overall activities of the Organization and its substantive contributions to bring lifesaving assistance, long term support and hope to children whose lives and futures were put at risk by conflict, grinding poverty and the aggravating effects of climate change around the globe.                                                                                             

UNICEF was established in 1946. Since its inception, seven decades ago, its mission was to respond to the acute needs of children and save those who suffered during the World War II and in its aftermath, regardless of their country or its role in that devastating war. Its most consideration was to help the most vulnerable children with greatest needs.

UNICEF continued its noble mission by providing humanitarian support, delivering live-saving assistance and long-term care to the most vulnerable groups of children who suffered the ravages of war and deprivation, thus giving them lots of hope to live a normal life to gain access to a better quality life free from fear and want.                                                                                    

The UNICEF 70th Anniversary celebration today under the theme "For Every Child, Hope" highlights the main achievements and challenges that faces the Organization and strengthens its paramount importance yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Here, it should be noted that MTN-Sudan had done a great deal of useful work and had made significant contributions and community initiatives in the area of health, environment and education, to mention but a few. MTN-Sudan has its own view with regard to education, learning and literacy as it considers them the solution to all problems of the African continent.

In this respect, it should be recalled that MTN Group is operating in 22 countries in Africa and the Middle East Europe and is consistently allocating 70% of its Social Responsibility annual budget to support education in Africa.