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Multimedia Messaging

With the Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) you can send and receive exciting messages with pictures, video and sound, coloured pictures or a combination of text, sound or audio, images and videos as a multimedia message.

To get the automatic setting of Multimedia Messaging "MMS"

This service is available upon request to all MTN subscribers with compatible Mobile phones/handsets.

Step 1 - Send

Send an SMS in English only to 202: with the word: "MMS"

Step 2 – Save Handset settings

You will then receive the MMS settings which you should then save on the handset.

Step 3 – Enjoy.

Service Price (SDG)
MMS to MTN network 0.04
Local MMS 0.04

For the manual settings

Unavailable Subscriber name
Unavailable Password
17224.97.20 WAP GETAWAY address for MMS
8080 Port
http// URL address of message user