Why To Become a Point of service

  1. Service will add revenue to the POS per completed transactions.
  2. Commission paid one time on every fully registered subscriber.
  3. No cost as there is No monthly subscription fees or rental fees comparing to other payment solution.
  4. Easy and simple using any mobile phone type anywhere you go without need for internet connection.
  5. Mobile Cash is an alternative for the physical cash, but it has an additional value, which is the ability to monitor & control.
  6. Accepting mobile cash as a payment method is actually utilizing all the services provided by the service (Electricity, Governmental Payments… etc.).
  7. Mobile Cash will add more value to the POS as a modern daily needed commodity.
  8. Branding and Advertising about the service and its POS will be completely performed by MTN.
  9. All future feeding processes (e-money recharge) will be performed at the POS, “we will come to you, your business needs you”.


  • For more information please contact mobile cash call center 222.