MTN sudan code of ethics

MTN Sudan is one  of MTN Group operators that operates in  a number of countries across Africa and the Middle East. Our goal is to lead the delivery of a bold, new digital world to our customers. However, we have an obligation to ensure that all our business practices are conducted in accordance with all local and international laws and that we adhere to the highest levels of ethical and moral conduct. This is something that we embrace across all parts of our business and we expect our business partners to do the same.

The governing principles of the way we do business are set out in our Code of Ethics (the Code). The Code, together with a set of detailed supporting policies, explains the way in which we run the business, deal with each other, customers, suppliers and governments. All officers and employees of MTN are required to comply with the Code, as are all our suppliers. Failure to comply with the Code can result in serious action being taken.

In order to ensure that the Code accurately and comprehensively addresses the current law and international best practice, it is continually reviewed under the supervision of the MTN Group Board’s Social and Ethics Committee. A new and revised Code will be issued as regularly as MTN’s changing ethics risk profile demands. This will be done in conjunction with on-going communication to ensure that the Code is understood and implemented across the entire Group.

Message from MTN Group President & CEO

As a pure-play emerging markets mobile telecommunications operator, MTN has seen exponential growth after our initial beginnings in South Africa. We have since expanded our footprint across the African continent and into the Middle East.

We understand that our people drive our company forward. It is through this lens that we are able to steer positive change in our communities and constructively engage with our partners and colleagues. MTN is a trusted brand that makes a meaningful difference to the lives of our customers. We endeavour to continuously enhance our brand through our activities and conduct.

The MTN Code of Ethics applies to all employees and third parties and sets the threshold for ethical behaviour and conduct within MTN that is in line with our values and strategy. Our intention is to maintain the highest standards of professionalism, guided by our values in all our business activities, wherever we operate in the world.

Message from MTN Sudan CEO

Ethics is at the heart of everything we do in MTN Sudan. Ethics talks to how we do things; it shows our values and sets a clear guideline of what we will do and what we will not do. Ethics builds trust and builds our community; it is simply our identity!! A first line guide of our Ethics Principles is the MTN Sudan Code of Ethics. I call on colleagues, suppliers, and partners to become familiar with this document. This will guide us all to the next and most important level, all of us behaving ethically

Our Philosophy

Our objective is to conduct all our business affairs with honesty, integrity, diligence and professionalism. We firmly believe that this is a condition for our success as a company.


1.Compliance with laws and regulations

  • We are committed to conducting our business activities in full compliance with the applicable laws of Sudan We comply with the following:
  • International trade laws and regulations, embargoes and sanctions;
  • Competition laws;
  • Fraud, anti-bribery and corruption laws;
  • Anti-money laundering laws;
  • Intellectual property laws; and
  • Human rights and equal opportunity obligations

2.Conflicts of interest

  • We do not put ourselves in a position in which our personal interests could conflict with our obligations and responsibilities to MTN Sudan. We treat the need to avoid conflicts of interest seriously and have processes in place to identify and manage any potential conflicts.


3.Corporate governance, reporting and company assets / resources

  • We are committed to managing the business in accordance with international best practice and to maximise the return to our shareholders. We achieve this by having effective and transparent corporate governance structures and processes. We have appropriate controls in place, through various institutions and specific management positions, to ensure that we can assess and manage risks to the business and our people.
  • We ensure that MTN Sudan is meeting the requirements of the most recent official reports on Corporate Governance. We maintain accurate and complete business, financial and accounting records in accordance with all applicable laws. We also follow International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) to compile the MTN Sudan’s annual financial statements. MTN Sudan is committed to maintaining and conserving our physical, financial and intellectual resources. We all seek to make efficient use of these resources.


4.Customer treatment and customer service

  • We are focussed on delivering high-quality customer service. MTN Sudan customers are entitled to fair, courteous and professional treatment.
  • We commit to providing quality products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations, comply with all applicable standards and are safe to use.
  • We recognise that our customers entrust us with their personal information. We take our duty to protect their personal information seriously and respect their right to privacy.


5.Vendors and suppliers

  • We choose vendors and suppliers through a transparent selection process that is based on objective criteria and evidence in accordance with the provisions of the Code and our policies.
  • We expect vendors and suppliers to operate in accordance with our ethical principles and to comply with all relevant international and domestic laws.



  • We support and respect human rights in our workplace. This includes providing a safe and non-threatening workplace where healthy working conditions are maintained, where all people are treated with respect and with due regard for their inherent dignity, and where harassment and intimidation are not tolerated.
  • We guarantee freedom of association, ensure non-discrimination in personnel practices, and make reasonable accommodations for all employees’ religious observance and practices.
  • We respect our employees’ privacy and the confidentiality of their personal information.


7.Employee conduct

  • We uphold our standards of professionalism and competence, respect the tradition and culture of all peoples, and do not to behave in ways that could be considered offensive, intimidating, malicious, or discriminatory.


8.Interactions with government

  • In all circumstances, we will maintain an honest, transparent and ethical relationship with the government, their agencies, officials and personnel.



  • We communicate transparently, accurately and in a timely manner with shareholders, all those with whom we conduct business (including customers and suppliers), and third parties.
  • We focus on delivering messages about our business and do not comment unfavourably on the products, management or operations of competitors.




10.Commitment towards communities, society and environment

  • We are committed to contributing to the socio-economic development of the emerging markets in which we operate. Our investment into society includes supporting democratic institutions and engaging key stakeholders such as non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and policy groups. We also look to invest in developing local employees and improve the general economic conditions of the local communities.
  • We aim to sustainably maintain and grow our business in a way that is environmentally and socially responsible. We ensure compliance with all relevant environmental laws in each country in which we operate.
  • We adhere to the United Nations Global Compact on human rights, labour standards, environmental responsibility and fighting corruption. We apply the Global Reporting Initiative’s Guidelines on sustainability reporting.


11.Whistleblowing Channels

  • MTN Sudan Forensics Services Channel:
  • Email: IAFS@mtn.sd
  • Phone: 0992544444



  • Tip-off Anonymous:
  • Email: anonymous@tip-offs.net
  • Short Code: 2000 (from Sudan), International Calls: +27315715244