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Call of Al-Managil & Berber

In response to the “Call of al-Managil & Berber” Campaign, MTN-Sudan, in collaboration with Sadagaat Charity Organization, sent a humanitarian convoy to lend their full support to victims affected by the massive seasonal downpours and floods in the River Nile and al-Jazeera states.

The convoy included tents to lodge the victims of direct and indirect damage caused by the massive floods and torrential rains including materials, aids for environmental sanitation and equipment for vector control to be used in the endemic areas.

“MTN-Sudan is constantly striving to stand shoulder to shoulder with all the components of the community to strengthen partnerships and enable this segment to play the role entrusted to it to prevent disasters and mitigate their effects,” said Ustaz ‘Alaa Aldin Elsheikh, Senior Manager, Social Responsibility & Sustainability, adding that the Company has allocated a budget of SDG “25” million to alleviate the damage that affected the residents in al-Managel and Berber localities. This contribution stems from the natural response of MTN-Sudan toward the people’s pain and empathy with their sufferings and to move swiftly to mitigate the massive scale of destruction and loss