Short Code call center Service

It’s a service that provides a 4 digit number for your company that can be accessed from anywhere to enhance the productivity of your business.

MTN can offer two type of the service:

  • Standard

Company already has the equipment’s and all they need from MTN is the short code and to route the traffic to a specific number (On- Net or Off-Net).

  • Toll free

Here the Business choose to have their Short Code calls for free for their customers on the basis that the Business will pay for the received calls on their Short Code

Cloud IVR Service

MTN Cloud IVR service is a cloud based IVR solution, a value-added service, that allows companies to automatically configure the management of incoming calls and to direct the caller to the relevant department according to their needs.

  • Professional Image:

Your company gives a professional image by improving customer engagement. A professional handling of caller significantly increases the chances of turning a prospect into customer.

  • Mobility and Flexibility:

Receive calls on a fixed or mobile number in an office or on the move without impacting the business. Diverting calls to other numbers minimizes the risk of missing business opportunities.

  • Productivity and Control:

Thanks to this solution, each employee is involved and empowered. You can now check business calls managed by employees and produce necessary management and performance reporting

  • Economy:

No CAPEX. Unlike local IVR, MTN Call Assist does not require installation of any hardware or software. It is easy to configure and is compatible with any mobile or landline phone.

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