Stay in Control, Manage Your Fleet

In today’s competitive landscape, more and more Fleet Managers are recognizing the benefits of effective fleet management. Not only does this help them do their job more efficiently, but they’re able to achieve huge cost savings for their organisation over the long haul.

At MTN, we also understand the value of effective fleet management. That’s why we offer world-class Vehicle and Fleet Management Solutions, enabled by our revolutionary Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology, making a big difference for individual users, small and medium enterprises, large corporate organisations, transportation and logistics companies, vehicle leasing firms and so forth.

Whether you’ve got a fleet size of five or 5000, our M2M Vehicle and Fleet Management solutions help you to be on top of your game. No longer do you have to worry about your vehicles being out of sight, as you can access all of them online and get real-time reports on their location, speed, distance covered, fuel management and much more…

Devices are provided through our partners with advanced features

With MTN Managed Remote Access Service, your organization can empower its employees by providing them with

flexible 24×7 work environment, in a simple, secure, stable and scalable manner. Offered as a managed service.

The solution is highly compatible with corporate office networks and needs basic requirements like internet access

through a standard browser, a corporate username and password to activate.

MTN’s Managed Remote Access Service provides secure and easy access to the corporate/office LAN applications and data from any Internet Connection that can be accessed anywhere to enhance productivity of businesses.


  • Travelers who needs to retrieve email and access the corporate resources and applications
  • Day extender’s who need to log on to specific applications from their personal PCs


  • Secure access to corporate LAN network anytime, anywhere
  • Business Improvement
  • Cost Control
  • Portability, works with any kind of Internet connection
  • Simplicity, remote access requires only username, password and a browser.

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